Berkeley Free Speech Movement: The Berkeley Law School’s Anti-Israel Political Correctness

Berkeley law school fails at education, let’s free-speech opponents embrace leftist anti-Semitism

Berkeley law professor Eric Ford (left) and Berkeley attorney Michael Levitt (right). Photo: Berkeley Free Speech Movement (Wikimedia)

On the 15th anniversary of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, the University of California released a statement to the Berkeley community in response to our protest against the University of California’s (UC) Berkeley Law School’s (BLS) anti-Israel political correctness:

“Berkeley is home to many distinguished schools of law, where students and faculty engage in rigorous debate about the law and debate in public. It’s rare to find a school like BLS, with an all-graduate student body and a faculty that is openly and proudly on the Left. As law professors at Berkeley, we teach students that freedom of speech is an inalienable human right. We teach students that the law can not be used to restrict free expression; that the rights to free speech and to peaceful assembly cannot be taken away by the government. BLS students learn that dissent is not only permitted, but encouraged.”

And indeed, this is true.

Berkeley law is a school that teaches that free speech is part and parcel of the American way. Indeed, Berkeley law has also produced some of the most liberal and socially tolerant legal thinkers in the world, many of whom are widely considered to be among the leading legal minds of our time. And many Berkeley law students have come to see the need to protect the free speech rights of those in power at UC Berkeley.

The Berkeley Free Speech Movement (BFSM) has been demanding that the university’s top decision-makers take strong action against the anti-Israel racism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia of the Berkeley Law School, so as to uphold the university’s core values of academic freedom and social justice. The BFSM is part of a growing trend of opposition to the Berkeley Law School’s political correctness, and it has been recognized in the mainstream media as such, even in the Wall Street Journal.

We have been encouraged to take part in the Berkeley

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