California’s Clean Energy Plan is the latest example of the Trump administration’s efforts to cut pollution

California seeks to ban sales of diesel big rigs in a bold bid to cut pollution

The Trump administration on Monday backed California’s plans to create its own “blueprint for clean energy” by requiring the sale of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) like the Chevy Bolt, which gets about 25 miles to the gallon, by 2025.

California is also seeking to cut emissions from big agriculture by requiring the sale of electric water pumps in the farming fields.

State officials issued an executive order last year that set the two regulations.

The moves will require sales of new electric vehicles in 2021, and that the state issue a waiver for large commercial, industrial and agricultural users, whose diesel fleets have been found to be contributing the worst air pollution in the nation.

“We believe the actions taken today will not only dramatically reduce greenhouse gas, but also ensure our water is treated equally,” said California Governor Jerry Brown. “Today’s policies represent the future of California’s energy and environmental future.”

The California Air Resources Board said the three policy changes would slash emissions by 15-18%, while also cutting the “carbon equivalent” of the transportation sector by 9%, the California Air Resources Board said.

The move to ban sales of diesel big rigs in California is the latest example of the Trump administration’s efforts to cut pollution.

Last year, the Department of Energy released a report that found the federal government’s efforts to cut pollution were failing. The report found that while the administration was meeting its goal to cut emissions, the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions had actually increased.

The Obama administration had launched its Clean Power Plan, which called on electricity providers to cut carbon pollution from power plants.

The Trump administration, by contrast, is targeting the nation’s auto industry as a major source of pollution. The administration has proposed cutting the production of new cars and trucks, while reducing the amount of fuel they require.

The administration is also imposing environmental regulations on existing carmakers. The EPA is proposing a plan to cut carbon emissions from automobiles that would result in a 13-percent drop in emissions from the vehicles over the next 17 years, the Wall Street Journal reports.

And earlier this month, the administration proposed to increase the number of hours a car

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