Cedric Williams: CEO of Cedric Williams Football Academy

Meet the man who introduced blind football to Uganda, has become a hero and now he wants to help others.

Cedric Williams is one of the most famous people in Uganda and certainly one of the most controversial. His career in football began in 2002 when he beat up two policemen in a club tournament in Kenya. He later became an ambassador for his club, before trying his hand at grassroots football as an agent and eventually establishing his own business, the Cedric Williams Football Academy.

Now, he has set his sights on becoming a full-time coach, and has been working tirelessly on his dream over the past year. What started off as a small idea to help underprivileged kids at a rural club in Uganda, has now become an international football phenomenon. The young footballers play in the top clubs in Europe, the United States and Africa. He has been the captain of Uganda national football team. He is also a motivational speaker, author of books, and also an advisor to the president.

Today, Williams is the CEO of Cedric Williams Football Academy.

What has convinced you to help other people’s dreams become a reality, and at the same time, have people’s views of you changed to praise you.

I have been working full-time for the past year as CEO of Cedric Williams Football Academy. I was inspired to do this by the young boys and girls I have coached at the Cedric Williams Football Academy, in a rural village in Uganda. They are brilliant kids, and have a real love for football. They often say to me that they want to play for the national team, and they are often motivated by our CEO Cedric Williams. He inspired them and gave them his heart. They all have a dream of becoming professional footballers in Europe, the USA, and Africa.

A few of them were very young, and they wanted to play football and play for a famous player in Europe. However, the money they could get would be a joke against what they earn in the national

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