Death Row: A Fountain

Column One: The place where homeless people come to die with dignity by The Right to Die Foundation.

After you’ve made your way past the metal security gate and on to the grounds, there’s a massive fountain out front that, for those who’ve never visited Death Row, is the most iconic image in the world.

A giant, heart-shaped bronze statue depicting a person in the throes of death, the fountain is the focal point of a park that otherwise makes no efforts to seem anything but run-down and run-down.

You feel the need to immediately stop what you’re doing to get a better look at the fountain.

Inside the park is more evidence of indifference and neglect.

There are no benches.

The metal grass is in serious disrepair.

The fountain has a cracked concrete base. Inside the fountain is a massive hole that should have been plugged up years ago. At the time of this writing, it still hasn’t been.

The fountain is surrounded by a chain-link fence. There are no warning signs there, no signs whatsoever. One of the only things not allowed there is a dog.

I am by no means a dog person, but I do like to try to make the most of limited outdoor time, and this seems like a perfect opportunity.

I’ve been coming here for a while now, and have been to the park many times.

I’ve tried to get into Death Row, and tried to get into Death Row, but always failed, since nobody wants me in the park. For one thing, I wasn’t “really” homeless anymore, so no one was bothered by my presence.

And so I got tired of having to go through the metal gate every time I wanted to go into the park.

But I am dying for a reason to go in, and there’s one more gate that I need to pass.

I get to the gates and the people on the outside are kind,

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