Democrats are not a Democrat, and they are a Democrat with a conscience

Guerrero: Wake up, Democrats. Don’t let Republicans own the issue of violent crime in America

(National Sentinel) This is not the most sophisticated way of saying it, but it is exactly the way in which I feel. If it is not true, then just say.

If you are not a Democrat and/or are not a liberal, it is still true that Republicans dominate the national conversation on the issue of mass murder, the murder of children, and the murder of mothers. They have all but succeeded in owning the conversation in this country on a number of issues ranging from gun control (which is not a popular issue with Republicans) to immigration (that issue is far too divisive), to the economy (too complicated and too sensitive for the Republican Party to have a public opinion on) and even abortion (which no Republican is willing to support).

For many of us, it is hard to keep track of what is happening in this country, and one of the things that is quite hard for us to understand, is the way in which Democrats have now effectively taken the position of the Republicans, so to speak.

Democrats like to talk a big game, and they like to talk about how they are the party of family values, and how they are the party of the poor and the disabled. And they talk about their economic plans and how they are going to be the party of lower taxes and less government. And their plans for what the federal government should do to make sure that society is fair and that the rich have their just deserts.

However, there is a difference between being a Democrat, and being a Democrat with a conscience. If a left-wing Democrat is able to make a public case for the existence of institutionalized, systemic sexism, or say, a problem with police racism in this country (both of which I have read are true), then we Democrats have a problem with that.

What we must not do, what we have to continue to do in the face of these attacks, is to allow Republicans to frame our policy debate as an issue of right vs. left vs. center

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