Don Lemon on Trump’s Immigration Order

Can a new morning show with Don Lemon help turn around CNN’s fortunes?

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NEW YORK (AP) — They are the closest celebrities from the worlds of music, sport and politics to the U.S. media. Some are well-known, some are not, but they are all on a first name basis with Don and CNN’s Brian Williams.

Don Lemon appeared on the morning news shows of all four broadcast networks in the past week and he has already generated more headlines with his off-the-wall comments on everything from President Donald Trump’s immigration order to the “special place in hell” Donald Trump is going.

This time, he is a guest on “Fox & Friends” and he has much to say about a story that has been the center of headlines for the past 48 hours.

In his interview with “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, Lemon called Trump’s immigration order “unconstitutional.”

Lemon then said he does not know if the president would be impeached by the House. “We don’t know that he’s gonna run out of his office. I don’t know that for certain,” Lemon told “Fox & Friends.”

A day earlier, Lemon said Trump needed “to be impeached.”

“I think he is going to get indicted,” Lemon told “Fox & Friends.” “He needs to be impeached. He’s unconstitutional in a legal sense. He needs to be impeached.”

But as he made his remarks about the immigration ban, he was interrupted by an alert from Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, who has been asking questions to Lemon about the story, with an assist from co-host Greg Gutfeld.

“Let me just say right now, Don,” Kilmeade started. “You’re getting a lot of questions and you’ve made a lot of statements this morning. And I’m asking you to be as factual as possible in this conversation. You don’

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