Dwayne Johnson says ‘Black Adam’ is his biggest domestic debut as a leading man

‘Black Adam’ is Dwayne Johnson’s biggest domestic box-office debut as a leading man.

The superhero has become an instant legend and is now a full-blown global phenomenon.

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Dwayne Johnson says he isn’t taking all the credit for his hitman movie

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the action star says ‘Black Adam’ is his biggest and best domestic debut as a leading man.

‘We have had some success because of the films we have made, like ‘Fast and the Furious’ and ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,’ he tells the trade publication.

But the success of those movies doesn’t mean everything revolves around them, Johnson continues.

‘You would assume that you would want to be known and be celebrated, but in this business you really never want to be known, because that usually just means you are either a little more talented, or you have some real ego issues.

‘So we never really wanted to stand in front of our name. It’s more important just to do the right thing and hopefully people don’t look too close at us for doing good work.’

Johnson was talking with the trade publication ahead of his latest film, in which he stars as Detective Quentin Beck in the Fox film starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Monaghan.

The crime thriller was directed by James Mangold and he has written it with his producing partner David Ayer.

The movie is set in Los Angeles and focuses on a serial killer investigating the case of his wife’s murder.

‘Maggie,’ as the killer is called, is played as a woman with a dual life, one with his wife and another as a woman who is the love interest of Beck.

On the one hand, this gives the movie depth and the ability to delve into Johnson’s world.

‘The character Maggie and also the relationship to Beck are like two different movies, and are very different stories, but still connected through their stories.

‘In some ways, we are trying to have a connection between those two story lines,’ said Johnson.

Johnson has been one of the busiest action stars in Hollywood with the last few years.

He starred in a series of ‘Fast and the Furious’

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