Eric Weinberg’s lawyers ask the court of appeal to revoke her bail

TV producer Eric Weinberg has $5-million bail revoked after judge labels him danger to society

Eric Weinberg, an Emmy-winning TV producer who was sentenced to house arrest for 10 years last summer, has been given a $5-million bail revocation after the judge ruled Friday that Weinberg must remain in the Los Angeles County jail until June.

Weinberg’s bail conditions forbid “any contact with Ms. Weinberg’s son or other family members.”

Weinberg’s supporters immediately pounced on the ruling as “outrageous.”

“Let’s make this clear, Eric Weinberg and his wife of 15 years have lost everything, and today the judge has ordered him to stay in jail until June,” said Los Angeles-based attorney Craig Unger.

“For the last six months, Eric Weinberg has been subjected to a campaign of vicious attacks that targeted his wife and his family. Even now the only thing Eric Weinberg knows what he has lost is his freedom and the ability to breathe. Eric Weinberg is in jail because there is no other option at this time. I’m hoping, once he is released from jail May 4 that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will prosecute Eric Weinberg for contempt.”

On Friday, Weinberg’s attorneys appealed the ruling to the Third District Court of Appeal, which by law is the highest court of appeal for criminal cases in Los Angeles County.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said it was pursuing a felony charge of violating Weinberg’s bail conditions.

Weinberg was arrested in late February, at the end of a 10-year investigation into sex abuse claims on several television shows. Weinberg worked on shows such as “The Jerry Springer Show,” “The Tonight Show” and had a stint as a producer for “The Apprentice.”

Weinberg was sentenced to house arrest for 10 years as part of a plea deal with prosecutors, but he continued to make calls and correspond with his wife who was jailed for 18 months. She has been held in the county jail since her arrest.

Weinberg’s wife, who has worked as a waitress in Manhattan’s East Village, made her first court appearance in January to ask the judge to continue bail pending appeal.

On Friday, her lawyers asked the court of appeal to revoke Weinberg’s bail so that she can return home to live with her children.

On Wednesday, the court of appeal denied the

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