Homelessness is an important issue

Letters to the Editor: Why Karen Bass and Rick Caruso both give reason to hope on homelessness this Thursday

As you know, I have been writing about homelessness for the past eight years. In doing so, I have spoken to many people who have been homeless and have found some common ground. For example, they all have a story to tell. Some have been there for a while, and some have been there for the entire time. One thing that many will tell me is that homelessness is not only a big deal for the people who are homeless, but it is also a big deal for the community. Therefore, to the people who are there every night fighting the elements all year to stay alive, it is a big deal for the communities around them.

As a community, we must come together to fix the problems that we face. I’m guessing that some might be thinking that it must be because homelessness is a problem for people and not for the community. To the contrary, homelessness is a problem for the community, and it is a problem for the people who are there every night. The truth is, homelessness is an important issue because it is an issue we all have to face. It does not matter whether we are homeless or not. Homelessness is an important issue, whether it is bad or good.

Recently, Rick Caruso spoke with the City of Providence about what his future as an urban planner would have looked like if he was homeless. He then said “It is important to note that he [Caruso] has been homeless for two years and I have been homeless for eight years. I am happy that I can relate.”

I would like to ask him: In all eight years of being homeless, you have been able to relate with many people. But do you still not understand that it is important for this community and the people who are there every night to come together? Homelessness is an issue

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