House Republicans Defund the Police

Fact check: The GOP’s dishonesty-filled barrage of ‘defund the police’ attack ads was a ‘complete failure’

It’s been two years since the Republican-controlled House adopted a version of what could be called the “defund the police” amendment to a spending bill. The amendment — which, in its original form, would have defunded the FBI, IRS and the Department of Justice — was considered by the House as a stand-alone piece of legislation. It never made it out of committee. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and a few like-minded lawmakers argued it should be dropped entirely, but House leadership agreed it should be taken out of the spending bill it had been attached to.

On Thursday, the House passed what can only be described as a “defund the police” measure, meaning that the very same GOP-controlled House is now debating another piece of legislation that defunds the FBI, IRS and Department of Justice — but this time, in a separate piece of legislation.

The measure is intended to counter what Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) has described as the “fascist” and “fascist-like” policies of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a man who has spent his entire career fighting for white supremacy.”

The measure is, of course, entitled the Department of Justice Reauthorization Act, or H.R. 654. It “seeks to reauthorize DOJ for a five-year term beginning October 1, 2019,” Politico reports:

The provision would end a three-year funding lapse that has left the DoJ without any new authorization. The bill also would prohibit the Department of Justice from transferring money to the Treasury Department to fund the president’s emergency immigration relief efforts. The bill’s fiscal year 2020 spending blueprint relies on a small but growing $600 million increase in the Treasury Department’s non-defense discretionary budget.

Democrats, and a good number of journalists, are now calling the bill a “defund the police” measure, and “anti-cop” legislation.

But this is, in fact, a bill about something else entirely.

A House GOP campaign committee, Defund the Police Project, launched a super PAC ad campaign over the past few weeks with the text below it.

In the ad below, the narrator says the

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