How to Play Pickleball

Everything you need to know (and more!) about pickleball

When people say “pickleball,” they typically mean “pickleball,” a game of skill and fast-paced motion in which a sport ball is used to strike a paddle or “pig” made of plastic.

Pickleball is just a type of pickle, a small round pickle with a thin skin.

A pickleball bat or paddle is used to strike the pickle to cause it to slip around a series of ridges called marbles on the pickle’s surface.

It is a sport played on a court in which two teams (known as the ‘paddlers’) compete against each other in small games of skill to score points called ‘points.’

Pickleball is played in clubs and clubs are generally composed of groups of friends.

The rules of pickleball are fairly simple and very similar to those of other ball games like football and basketball.

“So how does it work?” you may be asking yourself, “I’m so bored, I want to try it in the pool,” or, “Why does everyone else in my social media feed seem to know more about it than I do?”

In this article, I’m going to attempt to explain the basics of pickleball for you, with a few simple examples that will help you better understand how it works, and why it is so much fun.

Pickleball explained

Pickleball is a type of pickle made of a round ball, with a thin skin that doesn’t quite stay put. The round pickle is covered in small, randomly placed ridges called marbles, and a pickleball bat or paddle is used to strike the pickle so that it slides across the marbles, resulting in a ball of the same color as the marbles, but slightly different in diameter.

To get to the bottom of what pickleball actually is, first let’s examine some of the basic components of the game.

Pickleball rules

Pickleball is

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