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Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass is right, abortion is a local issue

One of the sad aspects of my time as a columnist is that I am no longer an informed reader. The days when I was able to take all the pieces I was given and understand them completely are far gone. The fact that even a paper (like the Oneida Democrat) could find a way to produce a column that was full of misinformation is almost as bad.

This is especially painful because of what I wrote about New York State abortion laws in my last column. While my words should have been taken as a personal defense of the right of the unborn, much that I wrote was not. The language of my column was flawed and inappropriate. However, not all readers are able to read the mind of the writer. They might be too busy reading the headline.

I am writing this column to make sure that readers read the column they want and not the one that their editors would prefer them to have. I am writing a letter to the editor to correct misinformation and give readers the right to make their own informed decision.

I am confident that there are many people who read the column you did not send to the editor and it was not intended to make a political statement.

I can tell you without any personal bias as to where I stand on the abortion issue, that at no time did I ever argue that abortion in NYS should be legal. However, I did not think it was up to NYS to make that decision, nor did I consider the right of the unborn to be under attack. As you said, “abortion is a local issue” as opposed to a national issue.

In fact, the recent abortion controversy in the Legislature was driven by local and state issues that the National Democrats should have been more concerned with. While abortion is clearly a right under the constitution, the abortion issue has been dragged through the mud with the national issues of illegal immigration and welfare.

In my opinion, the only reason the abortion issue is being treated

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