Iga Swiatek is making it to the top of the world

World No. 1 and US Open champion Iga Swiatek speaks to CNN

(CNN) – “The dream is to be the No. 1 player in the world,” German Iga Swiatek said.

It hasn’t happened yet, but this is his hope.

Swiatek joined world No. 1 Rory McIlroy in winning the US PGA Championship on Sunday, becoming the first European since Tommy Armour in 1979 to do so.

“To be a world number 1 would be a good year,” Swiatek told CNN in a phone interview Monday. “It would be fun.”

The 31-year-old had finished runner-up to McIlroy at the German Open two weeks earlier, and in the process made his European Tour debut.

He is in his 20th year of playing on the European Tour and was a runner up to McIlroy on the Web.com Tour midway through this year. He’s won two majors, two more ranking events, finished runner-up to McIlroy at The Open Championship and finished runner-up at the US Open.

It’s been an amazing year for Swiatek.

“It was almost the dream come true,” Swiatek said. “I’ve done the best I could. It’s a long way from where I was two years ago. I’ve always had the desire to win majors…but now I’m making it happen.”

He’s taken it all in his stride, too.

“It’s been really nice, I think, to have made it as far as I have,” he said. “It does make it better when you’re trying to do it and you don’t get the result you want. I’m just trying to get this one day right.”

He has been doing his best to get things right.

“I’ve been working really hard to get there. It feels great when you’re making it happen,” Swiatek said.

This year’s US Open winner took it all in his stride.

“I’ve just tried to put my head down and focus on my game,” he said. “I’ve just tried to be aggressive and just concentrate on the golf and focus on being able to create scoring opportunities with my short game.”

He’s now looking at a busy summer with events in China and Taiwan in July.

“I just plan on being busy,” he said

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