Is Kevin De León toast?

Nicholas Goldberg: Is Kevin de León toast?

I spent eight months, from Dec. 4 to April 8, 2018, as a columnist for the Boston Globe. It was a terrific job and a tremendous chance to witness the dawn of a new era in the paper’s sports coverage. It’s a shame I haven’t written about it yet. There was a lot to do!

But that’s life, or so I’ve repeatedly been assured by my friends, mentors and fellow journalists. It’s a good life, and a fulfilling one!

But lately, I’ve developed a sense of unease about my role as the Globe’s political columnist, and I’ve been asking: Is Kevin De León toast?

On Friday, Kevin, the Globe’s deputy editorial page editor, wrote an op-ed piece that was a far-reaching defense of his bosses’ decision to yank his job as a favor to their current employer, The Boston Globe Media Co., which owns the Globe and the other six national dailies, and has a long-standing relationship with the Globe’s owner, the Providence-based Hearst Corp.

Kevin’s op-ed was an extraordinary feat of self-promotion as well as self-sabotage. One of the most striking parts of the op-ed was his assertion that the story didn’t “come out in that report because someone within our company or others inside the newsroom … leaked it.” In the ensuing days, Kevin’s defenders have repeatedly claimed that someone leaked the story, and have gone so far as to allege that the leak was a “direct” order from Hearst CEO Scott Stringer, who threatened to retaliate against the Globe for the story in order to bring more “media accountability” to the paper.

The first response to Kevin’s op-ed was from Globe managing editor John Hartigan, who responded that the editor-at-large was “in an extraordinary position” when he wrote the op-ed

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