Joe Schumacher Talks About Trump’s Presidency

Schumer: Georgia Senate race ‘going downhill’ but Pennsylvania debate ‘didn’t hurt us too much’

MANDY SCHUMER is a Democrat but he says he wasn’t in the race for his party last year because he wasn’t going to vote for President Donald Trump. Schumer said he’s the type of person who wouldn’t vote for Trump on Election Day.

BOARDMAN, OHIO — In an appearance in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, Joe Schumacher, who ran for his party’s nomination last year and lost, talked about the negative aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency and how the election played out for Republicans in the state.

Schumer said it’s going downhill, but it’s not going to stop him from campaigning in Pennsylvania.

“It’s a dogfight right now [in Pennsylvania],” Schumer told “Morning Joe” on Sunday. “We have a lot of districts that we must win and we have a lot of people that have to win those districts.

“And they will win,” Schumer continued. “We’re going to have a good turnout and we’re going to beat them and people have to get out and vote. We’re going to win seats.”

Schumer said he thinks Trump is going to be on board with the GOP’s efforts to beat him: “We have a shot. He’s going to be on board with our efforts.”

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