Karol G’s baby boy is coming

Oh, baby! Karol G is ‘grateful’ after visiting fan who gave birth at her Fresno concert

Singer Karol G received the news of the birth of her baby boy in a phone call from a fan, who told her she was “grateful” for the support.

The ‘Naughty by Nature’ star is said to have been in hospital with complications when her son was born during her concert in Fresno, California, Wednesday (October 21).

“They’re saying, ‘Karol, your baby is coming and so happy for you,’” an insider told the New York Daily News. “Karol was so grateful and her excitement just keeps going.”

Her husband Andrew Garriques said: “It’s a blessing to have my wife’s fans here in Fresno…they want to meet and embrace her and support her.” The couple’s son, born last Friday (October 18), is named “Logan”.

Karol G will celebrate Christmas with family and friends in the states while on tour

Karol G’s newborn son was given a special Christmas blessing

G has also been praised by fans following her ‘Naughty by Nature’ tour as she has returned to the same spot in the same city three weeks in a row.

It was the first time since ‘Naughty By Nature’ hit iTunes in 2008 that she visited the same arena in two consecutive weekends.

The ‘No One Needs To Know’ singer also spoke of her son in a recent interview with Billboard magazine. She said: “I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not always good about being there for my family.

“I am happy to be here with my baby and spend time with my family.”

G was joined by husband Andrew Garriques on the stage for her concert in Fresno. She also joined friend and fan J.D. Walsh, who helped present her with her beautiful baby son.

The singer and her husband had given birth to her son on October 11. The couple first announced the pregnancy in October 2017.

Speaking on the pregnancy during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in

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