Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters asks voters to approve Measure A3 in Tuesday’s election

Op-Ed: Fair and independent redistricting? Los Angeles County does it already! By Jason Sauter, Daily Journal Staff Writer Thursday, September 21, 2001; Page D1 http://www.dailyjournal.com

The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters, Mary Lou Leary, is asking voters to approve Measure A3 in Tuesday’s election. The measure would establish the county’s first-ever system for redistricting and would replace the U.S. Constitution’s one-person-one-vote representation by dividing the county into at least five legislative districts.

“The proposed measure would require more district maps, make each district larger than others, and reduce the number of district boundaries that cannot be moved to accommodate population shifts, while also creating new districts without reducing the size of existing ones,” Leary said in a statement. “While some people have suggested that redistricting should occur in an ad hoc manner, I think that would be a mistake. By bringing a new system into use, Measure A3 would prevent the same problems and controversies from occurring.” The proposed plan would divide the county into 13 legislative districts of about 5,000 persons each and, in the event of a single person’s registration becoming invalid, would place those invalid electors in a new district. The measure calls for dividing the total population of the county into the various legislative districts in order to comply with the mandates of the U.S. Constitution. Measure A3 would also establish a system of appointing district election administrators who would be empowered to draw district boundaries in a neutral manner and place them on the November ballot, while allocating voting precincts among the legislative districts to comply with the state constitution’s one-house, one-man-one-vote concept. Measure A3 would require the county clerk to make a finding within 14 days after the close of the filing period of whether each district is in conformity with the requirements of the state constitution. Those who are dissatisfied with the results of the election would be allowed to file a motion requesting a new election within five days after the election concludes. The Registrar of Voters has been charged with certifying the results of the election and determining the number of districts. Voters are being asked to approve Measure A3 if the

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