Maureen Mukombero: The first woman to run for Governor in Kenya

These are the women breaking new ground in Kenya’s politics.

The first is Maureen Mukombero, who stands out as the only woman who has ever run for Governor in Kenya since independence.

We meet her on a warm, sunny morning in the middle of Nairobi, as she walks into her polling station. She is in her 20s, with short brown hair and an open, friendly face. It is clear she is going to be the surprise package, the one most voters don’t know about, the one most voters aren’t thinking about.

It has been an election fraught with controversy, with allegations of electoral fraud, and allegations of corruption. But there has been a groundswell of support for Mukombero, who has become the first political contender to be elected to a seat in the General Election in 20 years.

“Yes, people are very excited to have a woman politician. And she is very passionate about making sure that women are not only respected and not left out, but also that women feel they can express themselves. She is taking on all of the power inequality that we see in our society”.

It is Mukombero’s first appearance on television since the election results were announced. Her campaign is focused on tackling the country’s political and economic disparities for girls and women.

Mukombero, who is also a political analyst, says she has noticed in particular that there has been a lot of discussion about gender equality, but not much progress has been made.

“So I decided to try to stand for election so that people would talk about why we have not been making progress. Gender equality is also a priority for me, and that is what I was trying to address when I decided to stand for election.

“I’m committed to the fight, not just for women, but for children, and for children to grow up with the best possible quality of life, and that’s why I am standing for election”, she says.

Mukombero has

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