Netflix’s From Scratch is a Family Comedy

With ‘From Scratch,’ Netflix cooks up its version of a Lifetime weepie

Netflix has added a new show, called From Scratch, that has been cooking up its spin on Lifetime’s “The Wannabes,” the made-for-TV movies that became an Internet sensation. The Wannabes debuted in 1993, which is also how Netflix got its start, when it was the first streaming video service to offer movies and TV shows for streaming. It quickly added more original content, eventually turning into a TV service.

The difference with From Scratch, compared to previous attempts, is that it’s a family comedy. But instead of playing with a single family, it involves three families and one single mother. And instead of a single story, it’s a movie about love.

All of the characters are white and of middle class and college-educated backgrounds. And though the film doesn’t address race specifically, it’s hard not to notice how the movie feels as if it’s made by a single mother — all the women and all the love they’re connected to.

When I first read “From Scratch,” I thought it was a terrible idea. A couple of years ago, Lifetime was going to come out with a movie that chronicled the lives of three families from different generations and the events that led them together. The movie would feature a single mother, a dad and a son who would meet as adults. And the movie would have been called — I don’t even remember why — the Wannabes Movie. I didn’t have the heart to write about a Lifetime movie, even one as silly as this, so instead, I wrote a post on my blog on why I am a Black woman and why I love love. I wrote about how I’m grateful to be a black woman and the challenges I face, specifically because of the color of my skin, and how my love is stronger because of it. And for those of you who need more reasons to click

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