Novak Djokovic Will Play at Home for the World Chess Championship

Borna Ćorić and Caroline Garcia both make history with title wins at the Cincinnati Masters.

Both players are members of the European team that won the Women’s World Team Chess Championship in Moscow in 2015.

While the World Team Championships were held in three cities (Rome, New York and, most recently, Moscow), the Women’s World Chess Championship was held exclusively in one city – Istanbul, Turkey.

While a World Champion is expected to attend the first World Chess Summer Championship, the two who won titles at the Cincinnati Masters made plans to visit Istanbul this weekend to play over the weekend.

For Novak Djokovic, who is the current No. 1 in the world, the decision to defend his title on home soil is a no-brainer.

After all, one of the reasons Djokovic was drawn to play for the World Chess Championship after winning the World Cup in 2014 was the opportunity to play for the title in his hometown.

Djokovic’s decision is especially significant because he won the World Chess Championship in 2003, the year the tournament was first held.

The 2015 Chess Olympiad was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition, he’s the defending world champion in both singles and doubles. And while the men’s field was largely made up of players that played in the Olympiad, the women’s competition is much smaller and features players that haven’t played before.

While many players have expressed interest in attending the Chess Olympiad, the decision not to attend the Olympiad in 2015 is a disappointment, especially after playing at the tournament in Sochi as the No. 1.

The Women’s World Chess Championships in Istanbul

But even this year’s failure to attend the Chess Olympiad doesn’t seem to have put Djokovic off the idea of defending his title at home.

Novak Djokovic has played at home before

“My whole family lives here and my wife is from here too,” said Djokovic. “I really wanted to finish the year strong here.”

According to a report in the Cincinnati Inquirer, the Women’s World Chess Championship is one of three events scheduled for this

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