Ontario Social Workers Watch With Dismay As The Federal Government Takes Action

Ontario weakened its $10-a-day child care funding rules. Now the federal government is demanding answers.


Samantha Kishbaugh

November 01, 2017

Toronto – As the provincial government continues to struggle to find ways to fund child care, advocates are watching with dismay as the federal government takes aim at the current child care funding rules.

Last week, the federal government announced its intention to remove the federal government’s funding limits on child care. The new rules, currently set at $10 per day, would be replaced by a new formula aimed at meeting the full cost of child care in the first 20 weeks of a child’s life.

The federal government also set deadlines to find solutions to the province’s child care funding problems by 2025.

“The Canadian federal government is now making changes to the Child Care Benefit Program. The changes are designed to force the province to change its child care funding system so it is in line with the federal rules,” said Sarah Campbell, a spokesperson for the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).

“Social workers across the country have been concerned about the government’s decision on who and how much money will be used to fund child care services in Ontario. We need to see the changes coming as quickly as possible to meet the needs of children in our communities,” said Campbell.

Campbell said she thinks it’s important to note that social workers who advocate for children don’t disagree with the provincial government or oppose the changes to the program. Rather, they are pushing for changes that work for children and families.

The OASW argues that the changes will remove the province’s ability to fund child care on a cost-to-provider basis by requiring a large increase to the amount of money provided to providers as a result of the new formula.

For some reason, the provincial government is still saying they aren’t planning to use the new model.

Campbell said she thinks this may be because there is no

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