‘Rust’ has been given the green light to return to Los Angeles

‘Rust,’ halted last year after Halyna Hutchins killed on set, considering resuming production in California

Hutchins and her husband, actor Jason Gedrick, have been talking with the Los Angeles production company and the studio to explore bringing the TV series back to the West Coast.

‘Rust’ has been on a hiatus since actor and director Halyna Hutchins was stabbed by her husband, Jason Gedrick, on a Los Angeles set the actor had moved out of in September 2014. The series was originally set to continue with a season 11 in 2015, and Hutchins’s daughter, Taylor, had been confirmed to take a leading role in the new season.

Hutchins would be making her first appearance without her family for a new season, only a year after the release of her debut feature. However, despite an early push-back from Hutchins to reschedule, the series has now been given the green light to resume production in Los Angeles.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Hutchins said: “We’re excited to begin this process with our new studio, Universal Television, in Los Angeles and to develop a new season.”

She would add: “This is the first time we’ve been able to really get out in front of what we’re trying to do here with this show. We’d been working on this project since the beginning, about 11 years ago. It’s been all about us and we hadn’t been able to do it for a long time. Now that it’s about to come out in a new season, it’s so exciting!”

Hutchins added: “I think it would be good for the studio if we could get this show up and running again out here a year from now. We can talk about how to do that, we can talk about what it would be like for Taylor to have a scene with me and what it would be like for Taylor to play my daughter on set. But all of that stuff is stuff right now we can’t talk about yet.”

Hutchins’s return would bring her back to TV, where she played the role of Laura in the UK version of ‘Downton Abbey’ for six years. She would also have the chance to reconnect with ‘Rust’ co-star and husband Jason

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