Telus is refusing to pay a credit card fee for its local phone service

CRTC still weighing Telus’ request to introduce credit card fee

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The CRTC is still reviewing Telus’ request to have a credit card fee added as part of its basic local access plan. The CRTC released a statement Friday saying it’s “still considering all of the issues related to the proposal at this time.”

Telus has long used a credit card to pay for its local phone services because it wanted to get the option to use other financial options such as its bank, credit cards and debit cards.

The CRTC is requiring Telus to “explicitly provide” that credit card fee as part of its basic local access plan. Telus has also stated it’s willing to drop the credit card fee if the CRTC agrees to it.

Telus has also agreed to make its rates confidential and not disclose them.

Telus has told the CRTC on its application that “it does not intend to use its retail customers data to determine the appropriate rates, fees and terms.”

Telus has previously offered customers a credit card discount that’s available up to 60 months. It may be used at any of the company’s stores, except for those inside Target Canada.

In a Sept. 27 application to the CRTC that Telus submitted to replace its request for an enhanced plan, it noted it had “considered and rejected” a proposal to use one-off fees to reduce its retail customers’ bills.

More to go

The CRTC has not yet made a decision on what it will do with Telus’ request. The commission has not set a date for when it will make its decision.

If the CRTC finds that Telus’ proposal doesn’t meet the requirements outlined in the current basic local access plan, it will still make recommendations to the CRTC about a new service provider or another pricing model to consider.


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