The Dog and the Dog

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont: “Oh, you can tell from the leaves! They change right before the leaves start falling.”

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I took the dog for a walk last week and went to a little park a mile or two out from the house. This is a new park we have found here. It’s the first of its kind in the entire valley. There are two small hills in the park. A bench is set up to the left side of the parking area. The dog had been a while at our house before we found it and while we were away, he sat down as we came home. The dog found the bench and had a long, leisurely walk around the area. We left him in the park and we saw some people out walking their dogs. So we left.

The next day we saw these two guys sitting on this bench. They were obviously sitting there long enough to have enjoyed the day. The dog, tired as he was, followed the two of them as they sat in the shade. When they stopped to talk with someone, the dog noticed the dogs they sat with. Then he went after them. The two sat on the other bench until he was caught. He couldn’t get over and chase them back out. He was just sitting there. The dogs walked away. The humans walked off. Then a car drove by and turned around. All three went back to the bench. The dog came out to the car and barked at the person who was driving. The person in the car looked at the dog and said, “Are you going to bark at me?”

A lady came out and took the dog away. The dog was not happy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some of my more popular posts are my travel blogposts. I have written a lot, but it is sometimes hard. I am not into writing about things I know are boring or boring to me. That said, I have never gotten more than a few hundred words in to my travel blog. If it is interesting to me, I’ll write about it. But, when the time comes

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