The Most Dangerous Man in America Is Donald Trump

Letters to the Editor: Kanye West’s antisemitism is sadly familiar. Our response doesn’t have to be.

The most dangerous man in America is Donald Trump.

As I read of the violent attacks on pro-Israel demonstrators in Charlottesville, I wonder about the future of America.

I’ve always stood for the rule of law. If an argument can be made, I’ll debate that. I’m usually more apt to win. But it’s hard for me to envision the future we’d like to live in. The most dangerous man in America is Donald Trump.

Trump is a man whose actions defy law, and his actions in the last week could lead to his becoming the law. But at least until I see it, the rule of law remains the law of this land. It’s the law of the United States.

On Tuesday night, Trump said on Twitter that “both sides” were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville. He did this after one protester was killed and another injured with a car bomb. He said there was “blame on both sides,” and then added that “both sides” were to blame.

The left is a bunch of violent maniacs, and the right is a bunch of dangerous maniacs. If you’re on the latter and don’t want to talk about it, the right will say you’re a racist. If you’re a racist, they’ll say you’re the victim of a “hate crime” that never happened. The right will say you’re a race traitor who should be “prosecuted” and “sent to jail.”

For many years, I’ve been a liberal Democrat who voted for Democrats. In fact, for many years, I’ve voted for many Democrats. Then I realized the Democrats are

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