The New York Police Department is trying to shut down an organization that opposes police terror

Trump ex-adviser launches public safety group to fight ‘Defund the Police’ movement – Think Progress

By Kevin Merida 2.21.2015

The New York Police Department are making a big mistake by trying to do this by the back door, instead of by the front door.

The New York City Police Department has made a decision to try and shut down an organization with which they disagree by shutting the group down in front of it. They have chosen to shut down the New York State Coalition of Anti-Police Terrorists, which is responsible for organizing and supporting peaceful demonstrations against police terror, the largest of which happened last year. Since the group does nothing to promote criminal activity or lawlessness, I don’t see this being an issue, and I am sure the NYPD will make the same argument as if it was a “hard-core criminal.”

These sorts of organizations have been around for a very long time, both in cities like Portland or Oakland, and in states like Wisconsin and Virginia. They are simply organizations that oppose the New York City Police Department and want to defend civil liberties and public safety.

Just in the last year, the organization has worked to stop police terror, organized marches against police terror, and taken down billboards that promoted police terror. The group will continue to be a threat to the safety of the people of New York City, for while it is a peaceful organization, it is also a threat to the safety of the people in the city and to the safety of those who work in the city.

This is the sort of organization that the American people should be supporting, much more than the New York politicians who are trying to shut the organization down.

The New York politicians are also trying to do this by the back door by claiming that the anti-cop protesters are criminal. The police were there first, and they have jurisdiction to arrest any protesters who are doing anything that looks suspicious, but they have not done so in years.

The cops and politicians need to wake up to the fact that these protests are not threatening the public safety, they are promoting public safety and they protect public safety by organizing and supporting the people who are responsible for upholding the laws of the land.

If this public safety group is destroyed and its supporters are arrested, the New York Police Department will look like a very bad organization, the same way the

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