The NWSL is suing the League for allegedly mischaracterizing the claims

Probe finds emotional abuse, sexual misconduct in NWSL were systemic problems

A group of female players said they were sexually abused and bullied in the National Women’s Soccer League. But that’s not even what the league told them. The women said they were told the same things to discredit their claim that they were victimized. (Video courtesy of ESPN)

(Video courtesy of ESPN)

The United States National Women’s Soccer League is taking heat for allegedly mischaracterizing a lawsuit launched against it in December 2015 by former U.S. Women’s National Team players, telling them the truth about the League’s allegations.

The complaint alleged the NWSL “systematically, and with the requisite knowledge,” exposed female players to “repeated and pervasive” sexual abuse, and that the League’s leaders allowed the “appalling system of sexual harassment to continue.”

Three female players involved with the lawsuit allege they were abused by teammates, coaches and other members of their club.

The lawsuit is one of two pending against the NWSL for allegedly mischaracterizing the claims.

The second suit was launched in February 2017 against NWSL and its senior leadership, alleging widespread sexual misconduct in the league on a grand and wide scale, including “grooming, retaliation and abuse of power.” It is an allegation the National Women’s Soccer League will contest.

“The allegations are very troubling,” NWSL general manager Sarah61 St. Pierre wrote in a public statement on Facebook. “The NWSL is proud of what it has achieved regarding its program for women’s amateur soccer in the United States, and is committed to its long term success. The allegations against the NWSL have been reviewed extensively by the NWSL investigation and legal teams. We believe that the allegations have merit and are taking appropriate action.”

The complaints were filed with the Southern District of California, with the

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