The One Where Jimmy Appears

James Corden ‘apologized profusely’ after restaurateur bans and calls him out online

On the season finale of Saturday Night Live on Feb. 8, Jimmy has just been cast as “host” for the Superbowl.

The episode is titled “The One Where Jimmy Appears.”

The episode begins with Jimmy hosting a live game show called, “Super Bowl Live,” alongside host Tom Brady, who looks very much like Jimmy, even though he’s not wearing blue. They go full out and give their guest an opportunity to say a few things. Jimmy does not say a word, and he also doesn’t give Tom the opportunity to reply.

Jimmy later sits down next to Tom at an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet while the camera focuses on Tom to show Jimmy the game’s halftime show, which he’s been asked to make up.

Jimmy does what he does. He makes fun of Tom.

When the show is over, Jimmy and Tom have dinner and chat about a football game they both love. Jimmy even admits he thinks Tom is a great quarterback. And Tom agrees, insisting he’s had a great season.

In the season finale of Saturday Night Live, Jimmy is told he isn’t going to be a Super Bowl host. He has come up with a response, and he called out his villainous online foe, Tom Brady.

It is the first major public blow Tom has taken at his longtime pal.

“I just want to apologize to you. Like, profusely. And I hope it’s not an apology for me because I don’t want you to feel like you’re apologizing for me but for you. I’ve done a lot of things wrong, I know. I understand that.”

Tom, of course, says he never made fun of Jimmy’s accent, even though he and Jimmy did have a few run-ins in the past, including one where an audience member had a little fun at Jimmy’s expense during a rehearsal. The person did not show up to apologize.

“They just keep doing stuff like that,” says Jimmy, who is the host of his own late-night show on the NBC network and a star in the U.K.’s hit comedy series

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