The Pandemic Is Just Another Version of This

Letters to the Editor: The pandemic harmed students. Obsessing over test scores will harm them more. Here’s how it can be fixed.

Last week I received several letters about what the pandemic did to our students. One of my students is graduating in May and has never been in a crisis like this for any of the past three years. But, she’s always seen the consequences of such issues before.

The pandemic is just another version of this. When a student is graduating, everyone wants to say how well she did in this or that class. When a student is graduating, the first thing everyone does is try to compare her to last year. There is never any conversation about how she would have finished high school without this or that. No one is even talking about what she could have done with a certain amount of free time.

She is the one in the bubble, and she’s used to being the last to know what’s going on. She would not have the opportunity to make her own decisions about where to spend her time. Her life in high school was made up of choices, and she had to make several decisions for herself and her parents before she entered high school. She doesn’t feel that now. But she’s just one of those students.

It’s not just those of us in the bubble who have never had to navigate the consequences of this. I feel sorry for those students who are struggling with trying to cope in a crisis, those who have fallen through the cracks of the bubble and are now in the real world.

And, to those of you who are worried about the economic impact of a student graduating with a high school diploma, who can’t afford to take her into account when trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for a new car, I have some news:

You can’t.

You can’t even consider what she’s going to pay for a new car with a high school diploma. That’s going to be a huge tax break. You can’t consider that she’s going to be in the same state, and probably out of state, without a car. You

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