The problem of hunger: Sara Menker, founder of Gro Intelligence

Sara Menker and Gro Intelligence Are Tackling Global Hunger

Sara Menker is an engineer and the founder of Gro Intelligence, a digital intelligence company based in Toronto. Menker is focused on the problem of hunger, and founded the company to help others around the world fight the problem. Menker first spoke to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) about her work, and after talking to her, she discovered that a lot of the problem is food insecurity (insufficient food), followed by the issue of food waste and poor access to nutrition.

The problem of hunger is a global crisis. According to the FAO, around 1/3 of the world’s population is chronically food insecure, and most people who are hungry do not know that there is food to be had. Menker created Gro Intelligence to make a difference in the way people fight this issue. She said she sees the organization’s mission to help tackle hunger as just like “defining hunger”, since “the problem of hunger is real and it has no single solution”.

Gro Intelligence has helped more than 250,000 people in over 70 countries. The organization works to find people in need of food in the U.S., Mexico and elsewhere who are in dire need of food assistance. The organization supports these individuals to develop their skills so that they can better find a way to meet their daily food needs.

“People often get the impression that hunger is something we can help solve with money. We do not help solve hunger with money,” says Menker. “There are people from the poorest areas of the world who need help,” she says.

The organization’s work to find the solution to the problem of hunger spans across different sectors, with some of the areas it has focused on include:

Health and nutrition

Menker believes that food insecurity and hunger are related to poor health. The issue is that there are so many resources and technologies in the world that it is hard for people who do not have access to health care to get their proper nutrition. One of the ways that Gro Intelligence works to tackle this is through health education. The organization’s health education programs teach people in the U.S. about healthy living, and help people to be more nutritious, according to Menker. Her work is also designed to

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