The RCMP Resigns After Video Shows a Teen Boy in the Back of an RCMP Car

A video allegedly showed an RCMP officer sexually harassing an Indigenous teen. Then it went missing. Inside allegations of misconduct and cover-up in Canada’s national police force.

The officer, who is named in the leaked video, resigned after the incident in Fort Langley, B.C., on July 22, 2014. But no charges were laid, and it remains unclear why the RCMP decided to wait nearly one month to investigate.

The video, shot by John R. MacIsaac, was uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 27, 2014. It shows a teen boy, who is a member of the Wuk’wuk First Nation and also a student at Fort Langley Secondary School, in the back of an RCMP car as it drives through a residential neighbourhood.

His name is not known to the public. But on the video, he is wearing a dark hoodie with the Alberta Wildflower logo.

The officer is a male RCMP officer who is known to the boy. MacIsaac, the youth’s Indigenous friend, says the officer asked him to perform a sexual act in exchange for his participation in a school art competition.

McIsaac is wearing a light colored jacket with the Alberta Wildflower logo. His body movements are not visible on camera, though at one point he appears to be shaking his head as MacIsaac points to a road sign that reads “Road Closed.” “That means it’s blocked,” MacIsaac says. “It’s the RCMP,” the youth responds. “I don’t want to get stopped,” the officer says.

At another point, MacIsaac says the officer asks him to perform a sexual act, and the cop asks him to repeat the order, adding, “What if I don’t get it right?”

The officer is seen walking back and forth in the back of a patrol car in the video. On the video, he can be heard instructing the youth to stay down in the backseat.

Later, the officer is seen approaching the boy and asks him to perform a sexual act. “I said, ‘Hey,’” the youth says in an attempt to escape the officer. “He slapped me,” MacIsaac says

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