The South Waterfront

In Seattle, a Modern Home That Looks Toward the Sky and the Water

For years, the homes of many of the Seattleites who make up our community — and who love them — have stood in a single row along Lake Washington. They are the city’s skyline, and they are the homes of a neighborhood we call “The South Waterfront.”

When our family first moved to Seattle in the mid-1980s, we saw our neighborhood from the top of one of the hills that rise next to the city’s famous ships. While I could never have imagined living next to our friends who made that neighborhood famous by moving there several times over, I felt at home in the South Waterfront.

I loved the way, in a way that I can’t explain, the land looked down — even before we moved in — and to the sky.

One of my many memories of visiting our neighborhood is sitting under the trees that line the shore of Lake Washington. I was a child of the 1970s and a teenager when Seattle was a pioneer community not yet a city — yet. So when I was 12 and at my family’s cabin near the shores of Lake Washington, I felt a special power and a connection to the place. At that time, the lake was still in its infancy as a place to live. It was the place where my dad lived at the end of his life, and it was the place where I first met my husband, who is now my mother-in-law.

A few months ago, we spent a little time in our beautiful and elegant new home that we have shared for more than 25 years. As we looked over the view from our deck, it suddenly hit me that the view is from a point almost right on the very tip of our very own city. That’s how I feel watching the progress of the city and the people that live here — like a friend who will never leave, but who we share the city with.

Like so many of the

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