The Stroke of a Democratic Congressman

Fetterman’s doctor says Democrat has ‘no work restrictions’ despite persistent post-stroke symptoms

Fetterman was a Democratic congressman from Utah for eight years until he was defeated in last month’s primary by conservative Scott McAdams by 28 percentage points.

Fetterman had a series of post-stroke symptoms that had been under control for a while, but over the past few months have persisted and worsened, despite his wife’s advice to go to see a neurologist at the first sign. An MRI in April found a small stroke at the top of his head, which is normal for him. It is not known what was causing the problem.

When Fetterman first suffered a stroke in 2005 he was treated conservatively by his doctor and his wife. He was told he could go back to work with no restrictions. But he worked every day, and on a number of occasions had to leave the workplace because of complications from the stroke. But when he did return to work he was under a doctor’s supervision for a few months.

On July 18th, Fetterman went to the hospital for a routine eye exam. At the time his stroke was not known to anyone, including his wife.

His wife called his doctor.

A few minutes later the doctor came into his office.

“I knew exactly what was happening to your husband. I was waiting for this call. I knew what was coming to him,” Dr. David Kornfeld said.

Fetterman was in the hospital for seven days.

The neurologist told his wife that Fetterman would definitely never work again.

“It was something so very simple that I couldn’t believe was happening to your husband,” Fetterman’s wife said. “I didn’t ask any of the questions, I just told him what was happening.”

The neurologist said it was unlikely the stroke had gone all the way to his brain, so it could have been controlled by medications, but that he was unlikely

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