The Threat of an Independent Conservative Democrat

I’m Susie Lee: This is why I want Nevada’s vote in the midterm election to go differently this time around. At least 1 million Coloradans have registered to vote to oppose the party in power, and I plan on making sure that they get their choice.

I’m Susie Lee, and I’m an independent candidate for Nevada’s open Senate seat.

Right now, the only credible threat to the Democratic Party in Washington is the Trump-loving, gun-grabbing, pro-abortion socialist, Bernie Sanders.

That threat — which exists only because of the lack of an independent conservative alternative — could fall on its face if Americans get the proper message that they want an alternative to socialism.

While there is no direct threat to the Democratic Party today as there has not been in decades, a new threat has emerged. It’s the threat of an independent conservative Democrat.

This independent conservative Democrat is not the Sanders of the Democratic Party. He won’t be “socialist” or “anarchist.” He will be a staunch, conservative independent.

Here’s how I plan to win:

First, I’m going to get your vote by doing the hard work that every elected official in Washington must do without being pressured or threatened by the liberal MSM (e.g. the Washington Post, The Hill, CNN and NBC), by supporting and encouraging candidates who don’t support abortion, gun control, and socialized medicine.

Second, I will take one more step — with your help — that will help you become an independent conservative in Washington.

I’m going to be running by creating a new platform for an independent conservative candidate in the House of Representatives and the Senate. It will be the most extensive conservative program yet offered to Americans who want a voice in politics.

Unlike my opponent, who is running as a socialist, I’ll stand up to socialism and the Democrats, which I’ve previously identified as socialist, liberal, and the cause of the loss of liberty.

My platform will include:

1. An independent conservative movement within the Republican Party, which will elect candidates who are conservative and anti-socialist — meaning candidates who will stand up to the establishment in

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