UCSA Partnership Gives $50 Million to UC Davis-UC Santa Cruz

Beverly Hills billionaires give UC Davis $50 million to build agricultural research hub

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The University of California System board of trustees, whose members own at least half of the more than 400,000 shares in the University of California Holding Company, gave the California Agricultural Experiment Station $50 million last week to support an agricultural research hub.

The money, from the California Investment Management Council, is the largest donation for the system’s agriculture research programs since the 1990s.

The University of California has made the $50 million contribution through a public-private partnership called the UCSA Partnership, which involves more than 30 university campuses across the system. The $50 million is the third largest ever given by the university to a university institution for agriculture research.

“The university is not just a science school, but a world-class research institution,” said UC President Janet Napolitano in a statement about the university’s commitment to agriculture research.

The UCSA Partnership has received funding from the UC system for the next five years. In exchange for that support, the university system has committed $55 million in infrastructure assistance to the partnership.

UCS has also committed to support an agriculture research training program and a new student recruitment program known as the UC Davis-San Diego Innovation Fund. It is expected the UCSA Partnership will draw on $150 million in investments from colleges across the system.

“We are thrilled with the support that the university is providing California,” said UCSA President and CEO David F. Brown. “That’s because the UC system has the largest agricultural research portfolio in the world and with this $50 million will make it much more competitive.”

UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi praised the commitment.

“This $50 million gift supports the UC Davis-UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis-San Diego Innovation Fund programs and will advance UCD’s agricultural research infrastructure as well as support ongoing agricultural research by UC Davis faculty,” she said in a statement.

Katehi also said the gift will help the UC Davis-UC Santa Cruz program, launched in 2013 to support research at the UC Davis-led UCSC Agricultural Experiment Station, compete for talent and ensure that the institute is able to sustain innovative work in the future.

“I am so pleased to be supporting our innovation fund and their efforts to identify, attract and retain the best talent,”

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