Uganda on lockdown after three more confirmed cases of Ebola

Uganda announces lockdown as Ebola cases rise

Uganda has announced a complete lockdown after three more Ebola patients were confirmed in the country, with the country’s health minister saying that the virus had spread to the Western Region by mistake.

Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) first declared the outbreak in March, 27 people have died, including 15 health workers.

The health minister, David Parirenyatwa, said that the virus originated in the West African country of Guinea and then moved across the border into the Democratic Republic of Congo. The health minister described the virus as a “very mysterious disease” and blamed the government for not implementing the correct protocols and taking necessary precautions.

The WHO said that the virus was rapidly spreading. The organisation has said that it was now “time to act.” Dr Margaret Chan described the current situation as a “time bomb.”

According to BBC correspondent, Tomi Lappalainen, there are two more confirmed cases of Ebola in the country – one in Mukono and one in a local woman who contracted the virus in the city of Gulu.

The virus also had spread as a result of a truck accident in the Western Region on March 31. Three women died following the accident and six others were found to be infected with the virus, including three medical staff.

The virus was also circulating as a result of a botched vaccination campaign in February.

Uganda’s Health Minister David Parirenyatwa said on his verified Twitter account on Saturday (Feb. 16) that the virus had spread to the Western Region and therefore it was necessary to halt its spread by “keeping the entire population in quarantine.”

The Western Region health directorate has also issued a warning to the public to not travel to the region. The outbreak was reportedly also spreading in neighbouring countries, including Rwanda.

Ebola: Health workers in the DRC are battling to contain the disease, which has killed at least 27 people and infected more than 2,100

Uganda: In recent weeks there have been three more confirmed cases of Ebola in the country, the health ministry has said. The country is currently on lock down

Uganda: Two more cases of Ebola have been confirmed in the country, the health ministry has said.

Three people, including a health worker, have been confirmed to have died from

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