Why Kanye West’s Ye Vs. The World is a Good Record

Kanye West Is Running Out of Platforms

One year after the release of The Life of Pablo, there is at least some hope that the world will be ready for the next album from Kanye West. That hope has been partially realized because of another release that has been a long time coming, Ye Vs. The World.

This project, which is being marketed as if it is a soundtrack to a fictional book and movie, is now nearly seven years old and was originally released on Kanye’s own website in 2013. The record, which reportedly features contributions from several collaborators, has been criticized by some of Kanye’s longtime fans for being inferior to The Life of Pablo in both sound and content. If the rumors are true that The Life of Pablo was produced in part by a group of people who worked on Ye Vs., that may explain why it is so different.

However, if the truth about its genesis is correct, and it is, then Ye Vs. is a testament to the fact that the album could have been an improvement on much of what was released before it. It is not a bad record—quite the contrary.

So why didn’t it sell more copies? The answer seems to depend on two factors: One is the fact that it exists in the first place and it has been over seven years since its release. The other is the way it has been marketed. That marketing, in turn, has been a long time coming. One of the first songs Kanye released after The Life of Pablo was “Famous,” which was released in December 2012—a full year after it was originally released. So when did he start marketing it that way, though?

We know that the project started off as an album called Ye Vs. The World, but it soon became apparent that it was only a concept album. As mentioned, the final version of the album includes contributions from a variety of people, including Dr. Luke, The-Dream, and D’Angelo, among others—all who worked on The Life of Pablo. As far as marketing is concerned, there is also an album called Ye Vs., which features a very different version of the same song with a very different message. It’s not a song for Kanye. It’s not even a song for the world. It is for his own personal listening pleasure.

It’s this type of marketing that makes Ye Vs. a long and long awaited album because it is so unlike anything that has

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