Why Students Study So Hard

Op-Ed: Listen up, college students. You don’t ‘get’ a grade. You have to earn it.

Thursday, December 22, 2010

Why Students Study So Hard

We have a new book on the market, and it’s been out for less than a week! Now it’s up to you to get it and start spending the $4.99 you paid for it in one of the most important things to do with your library budget this year.

In the spirit of good manners, I’d like to share what my student self had to say of our new book.

So, here’s the book. It’s called “Why Study So Hard”. And, as I learned from a professor of linguistics, there’s nothing very complicated about why students study so hard.

They do it because it’s not difficult. It’s simple.

A professor I once took an intro to marketing class from, once asked a class of freshman students, “Why do you need a college degree to get a job?” I’ll leave it to you to guess which one of the students said without a college degree, “I don’t know, I just need one.”

That’s the answer, and it makes sense.

If you don’t need to know something, just figure it out! If you don’t have to know something, just figure it out! If you don’t have to figure out something, figure it out! If you don’t have to figure it out, it’s easier to study! That’s why you study, and that’s why you’re studying.

A student once commented on what I’d said, and I said, “The answer is simple: study.” And she responded, “Oh. Why study so hard?”

And I said, “Why aren’t you at that college?” And she replied, “I can’t get into it?”

And I said, “You study so hard that you can’t even get into it?” She responded, “But, what if I don’t apply? Then I don’t have to get into it.”

I was right. I couldn’t see her going through the experience of getting rejected from one school, having to reapply, get rejected, then

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